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It would be safe to say that I did my fair share of shopping while we were in Paris recently. I took the opportunity to explore many small boutiques as well as all les Grands Magasins. And I can finally declare my favourite Parisian shopping destination.  The winner is BHV in the Marais.

Now, I need to start by saying that this store is not as fancy as some of the others.  The store is not as big as its counterparts and it does not boast glass domes.  And the luxury brand outlets are not present (but then, neither are the tourists – or at least not as many of them).

But BHV is a fun place to shop. In fact, it’s great fun.

While you may not find all the top end brands, I seriously believe you could find anything you might ever desire.  Clothing, homewares, craft supplies – it’s all there. And the ‘hardware’ section basement (which does boast access to the Metro) can only be described as a treasure trove!


The staff are very friendly and the displays extremely entertaining. I spent ages watching a man put together one of the store displays – the attention to detail was impressive.

If you are ever in Paris, and are in need of something a little more ‘everyday’, I suggest you pay BHV a visit.  Oh, and don’t forget your camera…

Until next time – au revoir.

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