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Discover My Top Three Things To Do In Nîmes – And A Bonus Activity

We loved our unplanned visit to Nîmes. It is such a beautiful town, perfectly located in the south of France, and just full of Ancient Roman history. It is easy to get around on foot, and there is so much to see and do while you are there. Given how much I adored the place, […]

One of top three things to do in Nîmes.

Marché Anvers is one of my top 10 people watching spots in Paris. Check out the other nine at distantfrancophile.com

My Top 10 People Watching Spots In Paris

People watching is almost an official pass time in Paris. Parisians are happy not only to watch, but also to be watched. Following on from our recent people watching practice session, I thought I would share my top 10 people watching spots in Paris. Les Jardins du Palais Royal. Easily my favourite place to watch […]

The Quick, Easy And Fun Way To Learn About French Wine

I have a confession to make. It took me a very, very long time to learn anything at all about French wine. In fact, I didn’t really get my head around it until about 18 months ago. You see, in Australia wine is labelled by grape variety first, and then the region of Australia the […]

Learn about French wine

Things to do and see in Paris

To Do List For Paris – Things To Do And See In Paris

Over all our trips to France, we have now spent 35 nights in Paris. So I’m not all surprised when people suggest that there could be nothing left for us to see. But Paris is such an amazing city, I have a funny feeling that we will never get our entire ‘Paris To Do List’ […]

Finally – A Champagne Tour

  Over the weekend I suggested that, if you are new to Paris, it might be worth considering a city day tour. I’m happy to take that suggestion a step further and go so far as arguing that day tours are worth considering even when you’re a regular visitor to France. Over the years we’ve […]

Finally A Champagne Tour

Paris tours Place Vendome

New to Paris? Why You Should Check Out Paris Tours

People seem to either love or hate guided city tours. But to my mind, there is no better way to get your bearings in a new city. And this includes Paris. Many travellers seem to avoid Paris tours. I think it might be because Paris has such a long list of must-see highlights…if they choose […]

To-Do List For The South Of France

I’m counting the days until June, when we will be spending a few days in Provence. When compared to the time we’ve spent around Paris and Lyon, we’ve not spent much time at all in the south of France and I am really looking forward to returning. This time, we are headed to the village […]

A Quick And Easy Guide To Lyon

We adored our time in Lyon. It really is a magical French city. Lyon somehow manages to combine the romance of Paris with the endless charm of the south of France. And then there is the food! Lyon is a perfect the perfect place to sink your teeth into French culture and I firmly believe […]

Three Parisian Views Worth The Climb

Confession time. There are stacks of things I’m happy to do in France that I tend to studiously avoid at home. Taking public transportation is one example. And climbing copious amounts of stairs is another. I’m always amused at how often we end up taking the stairs while we are in France and particularly Paris, […]

Travelling To Paris On Your Own? Read This First

No matter how busy my day job gets, I take every available opportunity to share my passion for France. In that spirit, I have again worked in collaboration with one of my favourite sources of French inspiration, the online magazine My French Life. This time I share my tips on travelling to Paris as a solo […]

Recommending The Musée Rodin

  I was speaking with a colleague today who is about to head off on her very first trip to Paris. She is excited, and I am excited for her. And our conversation really got me thinking about my must see places in Paris. It it is worth noting that, as a rule, I am […]

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Where To Stay In Tain-l’Hermitage

  We knew when we decided to visit Tain-l’Hermitage and Tournon-sur-Rhône that we had way too much to see to cover it all in just one day. So we decided to book a hotel for the night and give ourselves another day in the area – and what a great decision that was. It is […]