French Inspiration

How To Be Parisian – Part Two

While we were in Paris, we were lucky enough to spend an unforgettable day with three amazingly creative, beautiful and intelligent women – all of whom actually live in Paris. Now, we all know just how fabled French women, and particularly Parisian women, are. Entire libraries have been written on ‘how to be Parisian’ or […]

French Perfume

Finding French Inspiration – In June

Welcome to June everyone. I am writing this month’s inspiration post from Paris – and seriously, you can’t get any more French inspiration than by spending time in Paris. I’ve found some great new vantage points for people watching and have come up with a stack of other French themed bits and pieces to share […]

Finding French Inspiration – In May

Hooray – we’ve made it to May. I was very excited to flip the calendar over on Friday…mainly due to the fact that we head back to France on the 22nd of the month. This coming trip is full of long-term wish list items for me – language school, a Parisian photo shoot, a stay […]

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Practicing For Paris – People Watching

One of our favourite things to do in Paris – and all of France for that matter – is watch the passing parade of people going about their day. Whether it is the chic French or the occasionally not so chic tourists, we can lose hours just people watching in Paris. Paris is well set […]

Cultural Differences – Dogs In Restaurants

It goes without saying that there are many cultural differences between Australia and France. And if I didn’t think that you would know most of them already, I could provide you with the longest list of examples! But I know you are aware of most of them already, so today I want to highlight only […]

Dogs in restaurant

Finding French Inspiration – In April

Welcome to April! April is one of my favourite months of the year. The Melbourne weather is usually pretty good and Easter is a great excuse to catch up with family and friends – which is exactly what we are doing over the long weekend. And it’s also time for me to catch you up […]

Finding French Inspiration

It’s March already – I know it is a short month, but I seriously can’t believe how quickly February flew by! Given it’s the start of new month, it must be time for me to update you on some of the French inspiration I’ve been finding on the internet recently. It’s funny – no matter […]

The Mystique Of French Women

Fleurage – Part Two

France and perfume just go to together – well, at least in my mind they do! Grasse, in the south of France, is famous in the world of perfume and almost all of the great fragrances are French. I say almost because today I have a new favourite fragrance and although it was crafted in […]

Wearing Memories

I can’t believe I haven’t shared this one with you all before! Way back in November, we spent a very pleasant Sunday at Melbourne’s Paris to Provence. And, while we were enjoying all things French, I managed to pick up one of the most gorgeous – and clever – pieces of jewellery I’ve ever owned. […]