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10 Things I’ve Learned About Elegance From The French

Do you ever get the feeling that someone or something is trying to get you to think about a certain topic? It happens to me all the time – although I admit that I’m often a little slow on the uptake. Sometimes it takes a while before I get the message. The most recent example […]

10 Things I've Learned About Elegance From The French

The Mystique Of French Women

The Mystique Of French Women

Last week, I attended an Alliance Française de Melbourne dinner and workshop on the topic of Exceptional Women. Unsurprisingly, all of the women featured in the lecture were French (or spent a great deal of their lives in France) and included names like Joan of Arc, Coco Chanel, Marie Curie, Brigitte Bardot and Edith Piaf. […]

French Kissing – A Different Perspective

I get a real kick out of reading about other travellers experiences of France. I find it both inspirational and informative. And as a result, I spend way too much time reading blog posts about France – so much so, I’m amazed that I ever get anything else done. One of the things I love […]

French Kissing - A Different Perspective

Managing Your Withdrawal Symptoms After A Visit To France

Managing Your Withdrawal Symptoms After A Visit To France

Some travellers suffer great distress when France, and most often Paris, doesn’t live up to their expectations. One of my closest friends – a very seasoned traveler – was very concerned before our first trip that France wouldn’t live up to my lofty hopes and I would join the ranks of those disappointed visitors. I […]

Finding French Inspiration – In May

Hello May! I’m so glad you are here! April saw me flat out at work, delivering what may yet turn out to be the biggest project of my career. So for me, May means a little bit of downtime, which starts tomorrow with a short break in Hong Kong. Safe to say I can’t wait […]

Master a French classic. Crêpes.

Master A French Classic – Crêpes

Scott is a real fan of street food. No matter where in the world we visit, trying the local street food is high on his list of things to do. I, on the other hand, can take it or leave it. Most of the time I leave it, preferring to eat my food from a […]

A Few More Lessons I’ve Learned From The French

I absolutely adore the Distant Francophile community. It is full of beautiful, caring francophiles who also happen to be both talented, amusing and clever! Last week’s post – 20 Things I’ve Learned From The French – certainly got a conversation started between these amazing people. So many others had their own ‘French lessons’ to share […]

Lessons I've learned from the Frem

Things I've learned from the French

20 Things I’ve Learned From The French

Travel is an excellent opportunity to learn. About yourself. About your travelling companions. And of course, about the country you travel to. Over the years, I’ve come to see the French culture as my ultimate mentor. I’ve learned so much over the years and sometimes it surprises me just how many of these lessons I’ve […]

Finding French Inspiration – In April

Well, the year continues to fly along. I seriously can’t believe it is April already. But as the days get shorter here in Australia, I’m finding more and more time to track down some excellent French inspiration that I can’t wait to share with all of you. So let’s jump straight in. On Paris Earlier […]

French inspiration

Somewhere in France

Somewhere In France – A Perfect Sunday

I really adore what I do for a living but I have to tell you, the last couple of weeks at work have been fairly heavy going. So over the weekend, I thought I’d take some of my own advice and put together a perfect French Sunday. Things started lazily enough. We walked the dog and […]

In Case Of Emergency – Read This

Sometimes life gets more overwhelming than we’d prefer it to be. When these times creep up on me, the first thing I want to do is escape to Paris. It is no coincidence that our amazing photo shoot with Paris based photographer Carla Coulson was themed around running away to Paris! But actually being able […]

Style and confidence Packing for France

French inspiration

Finding French Inspiration – In March

Welcome to March everyone. I just love it when March rolls around. March heralds the beginning of autumn in Australia – and anyone who has been reading Distant Francophile for a while will know that autumn is my favourite season. I adore the light. I marvel at the changing colours. I love warm days and […]

10 Of Our Favourite Quotes About Paris

I write regularly about the fact that the whole country of France inspires the imagination. As a result, France brings out the creative side in many who choose to visit and in those who make the eventual decision to call France home. Artists, sculptors, musicians and culinary geniuses all flock to France. And the same […]

Quotes about Paris.

French inspiration - precision at its finest.

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 39

Whether they are running some of the world’s fastest trains or shaping some of the most recognisable trees on the planet, there is a whole lot to admire about the French dedication to precision and quality. I love how the French go above and beyond when it comes to the fine details. Let’s take French […]

Finding French Inspiration – In February

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like we’ve just raced through the fastest January on record? I feel like it is just a few days since we celebrated the new year and I’m already flipping the calendar pages over! But the good news is that the new year seems to have inspired […]

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