Distant Francophile Style Intensive


A 90 minute Skype intensive to concentrate on any style dilemma. A confidence boost right when you need it.


You need help. Style help. And you need it in a hurry. Because you desperately want to boost your confidence.

Maybe it’s an unexpected invitation to a chic soiree. Perhaps you have an interview – for your dream job. Or you might be meeting his parents – for the very first time.

Alternatively, it could be that you need assistance clearing out your wardrobe. It is entirely possible that your weight has changed – so now wardrobe must too.  Are you trying – hopelessly – to pack for your very first trip to Paris (or anywhere else in the world for that matter)?

Or maybe you are facing a completely different style confidence issue.

Regardless of your style challenge, I promise I’m here to help.

Like you, I’ve stared blankly at my wardrobe, hoping inspiration would strike.

Sadly, it rarely did.

I decided to educate myself, graduating as a certified Style CoachTM.  And, by applying what I learned, I’ve boosted my confidence in every area of my life.


I believe that every woman can bring style and confidence to her life, no matter where she happens to live in the world. She only needs to know a secret or two to be on her way.


And this is why I created my Distant Francophile Style Intensive.

90 minutes to concentrate on any style dilemma you are facing.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Welcome questionnaire and assessment pack so I can understand the issue you are facing.
  • A one & half hour Skype intensive where we’ll dive deep into your current difficulty and map out a solution uniquely formulated for you.
  • The best of both my education and experience, tailored to help you overcome your style challenge.


Your Investment:

Only $150 AUD

Once you commit to boosting your confidence by paying for the full program price, I will be in contact within 48 hours to book in your Distant Francophile Style Intensive and to provide your welcome questionnaire.

Full program terms and conditions are available here. If you have any queries about the Distant Francophile Style Intensive, please email via janelle@distantfrancophile.com