Restaurant Review – Maison Kammerzell

Maison Kammerzell- the iconic Choucroute aux 3 poissions.

I’m always equally flattered and terrified when I’m asked to write guest posts for other blogs.

On the one hand, I am so grateful to be given a chance to share my love of France with a broader audience. On the other hand, I’m usually incredibly nervous that my words won’t hit the mark.

But I always shove my nerves aside and try to do the best writing job I can.

And that’s exactly what I did recently – when crafting a restaurant review of Strasbourg’s Maison Kammerzell for the fabulous Our French Impressions.

Jean-Marie and Patricia cover all sorts of fun French related material on their website – but a lot of what they do is food related (hence my initial feelings of nervousness).

However, luckily for me, the piece almost wrote itself – which is kind of unsurprising when you consider the quality of Maison Kammerzell. What’s not to love about a restaurant that’s housed in a historic, quirky building and that serves an iconic dish that is both delicious and non-traditional at the same time?

Please head across to Our French Impressions to read the whole review – all you need to do is click here. I’ve also shared some of Scott’s photos that you won’t want to miss.

While you are there, you might want to check out the details of the upcoming Our French Impressions tour of Provence. Jean-Marie tells me that there are still a few spots left for travellers looking to take in the best Provence has to offer during May – which naturally includes the great food and wine!

A big thank you to Jean-Marie and Patricia for asking both Scott and I to share our Maison Kammerzell experience with the Our French Impressions readers. It really is an honour.

And until next time – au revoir.


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