More Than Tempting


I travel a lot with work, and while eating well on the road can sometimes be a challenge, most of the time I do ok.  But not all the time. At the conference I attended yesterday, I ran into trouble in the form of afternoon tea.

You see, the buffet was set with what seemed like tons of tiny, french inspired, treats. Chocolate covered, cream filled and yum.

It fascinates me how quickly I can convince myself that they are actually good for me! And that because they are small, I can clearly have more…I wonder what’s on the menu today?

Until next time – au revoir.


How To Be Parisian



Last week, I promised that I would review the recently published ‘How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are – Love, Style and Bad Habits’. And today, I’ve finally got around to doing so. Now, before you continue reading, I should warn you that this hasn’t ended up being a ‘real’ review – it’s more dot points of what I liked and didn’t like so much about the book. But I’ve decided that’s ok, due to the fact that if you are after an in depth review, you can find heaps on the internet. Which is unsurprising, given the title and the popularity of the ‘How to be French’ genre.

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