How To Choose Your French Accommodation

When choosing accommodation in France, it seems to me that most travellers go with one of two main choices. They either a opt for a hotel or stay in an apartment. Now let’s be clear. I’d stay in a tent if it meant I was in France (Scott will raise his eyebrows at this. It’s […]


Pere Lachaise


One of our close friends just loves visiting cemeteries. Cemetery visiting is something she has done since she was a young girl, and she can happily spend hours studying tombstones. One cemetery that gave me a glimpse into her fascination was Paris’ legendary Père-Lachaise cemetery. Located in the 20th arrondissement, the cemetery is an absorbing […]

Wearing Memories

I can’t believe I haven’t shared this one with you all before! Way back in November, we spent a very pleasant Sunday at Melbourne’s Paris to Provence. And, while we were enjoying all things French, I managed to pick up one of the most gorgeous – and clever – pieces of jewellery I’ve ever owned. […]

Wearing Memories Bracelet


Things That Have Changed Since We First Travelled To France

This year’s supply of Paris Metro tickets arrived at our house on Friday night and naturally, I was very excited. It’s a great service – I only placed the order last Sunday! The tickets being delivered really got me thinking about how quickly have changed since the first time we travelled to France – mostly […]

Something New – At Least For Me

Regular Distant Francophile readers have probably guessed that I am partial to a glass of wine every now and then. Unsurprisingly, I am particularly partial to French wine but I also know my way around Australian wines rather well. I don’t often deviate from choosing to select wine…unless it is a champagne kind of day. However, […]

Grape Gin

So Frenchy

So Frenchy, So Chic 1

  I’m sure everyone has an annual event that they just adore every year. For me, that event is So Frenchy, So Chic, the French music festival, which is held in both Melbourne and Sydney. The Melbourne event was held yesterday in the gorgeous grounds of the Werribee Park Mansion. Despite some rain earlier in the […]

Sending Love

Regular readers of Distant Francophile will know that I spend a fair amount of time looking for similarities between Australia and France. Well today, I’m deeply saddened by one of those similarities. The tragic shootings in Sydney’s Lindt Cafe and the horror of what’s happened at Paris’s Charlie Hebdo is one connection I just didn’t […]



Fine French Dining In Sydney At Ananas

If you are going to be a Francophile in Australia, it’s my (admittedly biased) opinion that you are best to live in Melbourne. This opinion is based on nothing more than the fact that Melbourne was the beneficiary of several decades of post war European immigration which leaves Melbourne with a distinctly European feel. It […]

I’m So Excited To Be In Sydney 2

We are in Sydney this week and I can’t tell you how excited I am. I’m excited for a number of reasons. It’s partly because we are catching up with some very special friends. And partly because I am on leave (summer holidays are always exciting). And it’s partly because I get to share any […]

Eiffel Tower


French Favourites – Part 3 2

  When the weather gets warm, I’m always drawn to shared plates of food. Sharing a meal seems social and relaxed and well suited to the heat of the day. The temperatures soared in Melbourne yesterday. So when a friend (who loves France as much as I do) and I caught up for a bite […]