Master A French Classic – The Perfect Red Lipstick

I must admit that I’ve never been great at applying my own makeup. Don’t ask me to try a ‘smoky eye’ or a ‘cat eye’ – neither ends up looking right. And I find the French woman’s ‘no makeup look’ just plain hard. But the one thing I can do is a perfect red lip. […]

Le Bon Marche

My favourite Dior bag

Packing For France – Which Luggage Is Best? Part Two

Last weekend, I shared one of my first luggage dilemmas. For the record, I’m still sorting myself out on that one. But there is one bag I know I will definitely be packing for France when we next visit…no questions asked. That’s my small, cross body bag by Dior. I bought this gorgeous little thing […]

Birthday Gifts For Francophiles 1   Recently updated !

Happy Birthday Distant Francophile. Yes today, Distant Francophile is celebrating its first birthday. And to be honest, while I love our website to bits and pieces and happily work on it for creative expression, I’ve been both surprised and delighted by the amount of interest from others. It really is our great pleasure to add […]


Packing For France – Which Luggage Is Best? 3

Our next trip to France is getting closer and for the first time ever, I’ve hit a packing dilemma. For all of our previous trips we’ve followed the advice of a close friend and travelled with large backpacks. While the flash hotels aren’t quite sure what to do with packs – we actually had a […]

Finally – A Champagne Tour

  Over the weekend I suggested that, if you are new to Paris, it might be worth considering a city day tour. I’m happy to take that suggestion a step further and go so far as arguing that day tours are worth considering even when you’re a regular visitor to France. Over the years we’ve […]

Finally A Champagne Tour

Paris tours Place Vendome

New to Paris? Why You Should Check Out Paris Tours 1

People seem to either love or hate guided city tours. But to my mind, there is no better way to get your bearings in a new city. And this includes Paris. Many travellers seem to avoid Paris tours. I think it might be because Paris has such a long list of must-see highlights…if they choose […]

A Brilliant Francophile Birthday Surprise 2

I know I am not the only one who regularly tries to bring a little bit of French inspiration into everyday life. A yummy French cheese here, a Breton shirt there – you can indulge your inner francophile in many and varied ways. Including very romantic, celebratory ways. Recently a dear friend of mine, who […]

Eiffel Tower


To-Do List For The South Of France

I’m counting the days until June, when we will be spending a few days in Provence. When compared to the time we’ve spent around Paris and Lyon, we’ve not spent much time at all in the south of France and I am really looking forward to returning. This time, we are headed to the village […]

3 Meals I Have To Eat While Visiting France

I’ve been travelling for work this week. This is not an unusual occurrence for me. What was unusual was the fact that I was travelling with a colleague. And while we were away we ate surprisingly well (which is extremely unusual for work trips). We’ve had a pretty productive week, and our luck with excellent […]



Finding French Inspiration 4

It’s March already – I know it is a short month, but I seriously can’t believe how quickly February flew by! Given it’s the start of new month, it must be time for me to update you on some of the French inspiration I’ve been finding on the internet recently. It’s funny – no matter […]