More Gift Ideas For Francophiles 6

p Christmas is almost upon us (yay!) and if you are anything like me, one of the joys of Christmas is tracking down just the right gifts for my loved ones. One of the reasons I’m so excited to be visiting Europe right now is the fact that I will get to do much of […]

Christmas Galeries Lafayette

Metro movement

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 28

To Frenchify Your Friday this week perhaps you could…fly to France… Ok, ok so I know this is about the least helpful or practical Frenchify Your Friday idea I’ve ever come up with. But given we are actually heading to France tomorrow (well, we’ll be landing in Frankfurt first, then heading to France), it does […]

Packing For Paris In Winter – And Another Free Packing Guide 2

We leave for Europe later this week – and it goes without saying that I’m super excited. I’m also flat out sorting out a massive work project, our pets, the mail and cancelling the fruit and veggie delivery. Given everything that’s going on at the moment, you might be surprised to learn that I’m not […]

Place des Vosges

Les Arcs

A Little Bit French 2

I’ve said it before, and I’m sure I’ll say it again but I love the fellow francophiles I’ve come in contact with since starting Distant Francophile. I adore the fact that they love France as much as I do, and I love the stories they share about ‘their’ France. Although we’ve never met (but hope […]

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 27 3

In the wake of last Friday’s tragic events in Paris, I feel like this week’s Frenchify Your Friday is more important than ever. While I recognise that a blog post about bringing a little bit of French inspiration into your day is completely insignificant when compared to what occurred in Paris, I find myself thinking […]

Jeanne de Arc

Eiffel jet stream

15 Tips – How I Make Long Haul Flights Comfortable 2

How do you cope with the flights? That’s the question I get asked most often when I share that we are heading back to France. (Read how we deal with the other question we are regularly asked). Now, the question about coping with long haul flights is perfectly fair given we live in Melbourne. If […]

Not Changing Our Plans – Paris Is Still A Good Idea 8

It’s been heartbreaking to learn of the second terrorist attack on Paris during 2015. Our hearts go out to all who have been touched by this tragedy. It is devastating to see so much pain being inflicted on a city that brings great joy to so many. Since the Paris attacks, we’ve had lots of […]

French flag half mast

Breton Top

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 26 2

The end of the week is almost here – which is exciting for me on so many levels – but mostly because it’s time for me to help you Frenchify Your Friday! And this week I’m recommending you add a little French flavour to your attire in the form of Breton striped top. First designed […]

Three Tips For Managing Movement In Travel Photos

Some of my favourite photographs from our French travels have been the photos that convey the energy and the spirit of the country I love so much. And those shots often contain a whole lot of movement. While it’s gratifying to be able to capture crystal clear images without blur, sometimes it’s fun to convey […]

Rue de Rivoli

Montmartre pharmacy

My Must Have French Pharmacy Products 2

  I’ve been thinking about last week’s Four Days In Paris piece… While I think I covered a host of Parisian shopping opportunities, I omitted one vital stop. The French pharmacy. Now, while you are unlikely to spend an entire day hanging out in a French pharmacy, you do need to make sure you fit […]

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 25

We have to start out this week’s Frenchify Your Friday post with a big, big welcome to all of you who are new to Distant Francophile. We’ve had stacks of interest in the whole Distant Francophile concept recently and, given how much we adore connecting with people who love France as much as we do, […]

Chocolat Moelleux

Galerie's Lafayette

Four Days In Paris – It’s Time To Go Shopping In Paris 5

Here’s the third instalment in our Four Days In Paris series and I will admit right up front that four days of shopping in Paris is not going to appeal to every traveller. In fact, I’m guessing that some of Distant Francophile’s most loyal readers have just stopped reading. And I’ll also admit that it […]

Finding French Inspiration – In November 2

Is it just me or is anyone else surprised by the fact that it is November already? I really can’t believe how quickly this year has flashed by. But I’m also thrilled that November is here, because we head back to Europe for a little mini-break at the end of the month – yes, it’s […]

Behind Procope

Veuve Clicquot tasting

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 24

The signs have been building for a little while now. Our weather has been getting warmer. The days are becoming longer. Invites to cocktail parties and barbecues are starting to flow in. Melbourne’s Spring Racing Carnival hits full swing this weekend. A dear friend of mine even has a Christmas party booked in for the […]

Happiness In Paris

One of the things that I love about Paris is her ability to appeal to just about everyone on some level. You like walking – Paris has you covered. You love architecture – you will be inspired in Paris. You are enamoured with all things stylish – get yourself to Paris today. Regardless of whether […]

Eiffel over Invalides