My Top Five Reasons For Packing Light 6

We went to a party a couple of nights ago and as it always does, the conversation turned firstly to travel and inevitably to packing. Our host on the evening is planning a three month jaunt to Europe with her hubby. It is their first big trip and it will be their introductory visit to […]

Top 5 reasons for packing light

Frenchify your Friday with an amazing umbrella

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 37 2

The weather in Melbourne has been more odd than usual lately. I’d almost say it’s been a bit tropical (almost). It’s summer here, so it’s been warm. But it’s also been very, very rainy. And my favourite thing about rain is the fact that I get to pretend that I’m a little bit French and […]

Finding French Inspiration – In February   Recently updated !

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like we’ve just raced through the fastest January on record? I feel like it is just a few days since we celebrated the new year and I’m already flipping the calendar pages over! But the good news is that the new year seems to have inspired […]

French inspiration

View from one of our favourite Parisian hotels

Four Parisian Hotels We Are Happy To Recommend 3

Start a conversation about Parisian arrondissements, as we did on Distant Francophile last week, and inevitably you will end discussing Parisian hotels. Given our love of Parisian apartments, you are probably not surprised to learn that we’ve not stayed in too many hotels in Paris. And truth be told, recommending a hotel can be as […]

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 36 3

This week’s Frenchify Your Friday is all about French crêpes. I know. I know. I can’t believe that I haven’t suggested that you Frenchify Your Friday with a classic crêpe yet either. Especially when you consider how yummy and quintessentially French they are. To my mind, crêpes rival crème brûlée as my favourite French dessert. […]

French crepes

Thoughts on developing a signature style

Thoughts On Developing A Signature Style 5

Do you have a signature style? Something that articulates your brand in the world? A look that everyone immediately associates as being ‘so you’? I’ve come to think that developing a signature style is a good idea. Somewhat akin to a uniform – and occasionally described as such – everything I’ve read on the topic […]

Which Parisian Arrondissement Is Best To Stay In? Part Two 1

Last week, I provided the first instalment of a response to the question Which Parisian Arrondissement Is Best To Stay In?which was put to us by a Distant Francophile reader. Let’s be honest – it’s an extremely valid question. Paris is chock full of things to do and see, and it makes sense to locate […]

Which Parisian arrondissement is best to stay in?

French Perfume

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 35 4

    Personally, I adore perfume. I have bottles of the stuff on my dresser. I’ve had a bespoke fragrance made just for me. I love choosing a scent based on how I feel in the morning. And I am especially fond of French perfume. So, it’s little wonder that I fully relate to the […]

Which Parisian Arrondissement Is Best To Stay In? 2

It probably doesn’t surprise anyone that many of the posts on Distant Francophile are inspired by the questions we receive from people who are keen to visit France. Regardless of how these queries reach us – via the website, email or in person – they always get me wondering whether I might be able to […]

Eiffel sunset

Mathilde Thomas' The French Beauty Solution

The French Beauty Solution – A Book Review 4

I think I’ve mentioned before that my very favourite skincare is created by the French brand Caudalie. I always come home from France with a stack of Caudalie products. While I am occasionally unfaithful – usually trying different skincare brands when I run out of Caudalie, which is not readily available in Australia – I […]

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 34 2

Via a gift from a couple of gorgeous friends, I was recently introduced to Lillet, the Bordeaux wine based apéritif that comes in blanc and rouge varieties as well as a rosé version. Now I know many of you would be rolling your eyes right now and wondering how this self proclaimed francophile has managed […]

Frenchify you Friday with a glass of Lillet.

Master a French Classic - Madeleines

Master A French Classic – The Madeleine

While they don’t quite evoke deep memories for me like they did for Marcel Proust, one of my all time favourite French sweet treats is the madeleine. Madeleines are not nearly as fancy or elaborate as some other French cakes, pastries and petits fours but they are just perfect served with a cup of tea […]

Our Top Seven Tips For Michelin-Starred Dining In France

Many travellers head to France wishing to experience the amazing food. And if you feel like you want to take the ‘foodie’ experience to a whole new level, then checking out a Michelin-starred restaurant could be for you. We’ve been lucky enough to eat at a number of one, two and three starred restaurants now […]

Le Pré Catelan- our top tips for Michelin-starred dining in France

Beautiful Phalaenopsis Orchids

Frenchify Your Friday – Number 33

Welcome to the first Frenchify Your Friday for 2016. To start the year off in a pretty sort of fashion – and to bring a little bit of French inspiration to this coming Friday – why not buy yourself a Phalaenopsis Orchid. While I doubt these gorgeous blooms are of French origin (two seconds of […]

Restaurant Review – Maison Kammerzell

I’m always equally flattered and terrified when I’m asked to write guest posts for other blogs. On the one hand, I am so grateful to be given a chance to share my love of France with a broader audience. On the other hand, I’m usually incredibly nervous that my words won’t hit the mark. But […]

Maison Kammerzell - the iconic Choucroute aux 3 poissions.