Champagne Season

Champagne is one of those drinks that is appropriate for almost every occasion. But I think it is most appropriate during the holiday season. I can go months without feeling like a sip of Champagne, however come mid December I start thinking that the time is right to break out the bubbly. At Christmas, through […]


Paris Rooftops

French Rooftops 2

One of the things I love about staying in Paris is the chance to gaze out over the rooftops. The Parisian roofline provides an excellent example of what I call the ‘Parisian palette‘. To my eye, the terracotta contrasts beautifully against the silvers and greys. And I love how the light just plays on rooftops. […]

Packing For Paris In Winter

Since I shared the fact that I love visiting Paris in winter, I’ve had a stack of questions regarding what you might pack for a visit to Paris when the weather is cooler and the days are shorter. To be perfectly honest, I find it way easier to pack for a visit to France in […]


Eiffel sunset

You Are Never Too Old To Visit France For The First Time

I mentioned last week that I first travelled to France as an adult. I’d wanted to visit the country for what seemed like forever and I took the first opportunity – which came in my mid thirties – to get myself (and my husband and son) there. Friends who had already visited were concerned that […]

3 Reasons I Love Christmas Shopping In France

As a rule, I love the lead up to Christmas, and this year is no exception. Yesterday, we selected and decorated the tree and we are now enjoying the gorgeous, once a year smell of fresh pine. I’ve also started planning the menu – I am always happy leafing through cookbooks, searching for the perfect […]

Galeries Christmas Tree


Thank You For Thinking Of Me 1

I’ve always struggled with accepting compliments, and it seems this trait carries over to blogging awards. 3 times now I’ve been nominated for an award, and 3 times now I’ve struggled to accept it.

Behind the Scenes

  I’m in the middle of upgrading this blog so I can provide you all with a better Distant Francophile experience! Now you can subscribe via email and get notified of new posts, you can like us on Facebook and I hope to add even more features over the next few days! However you will […]

Palais Royal

Dominique Portet

The Best Way To Taste Cabernet Sauvignon

Melbourne based francophiles should be very pleased at the moment, with a large number of French themed events gracing the city. Today, we were very happy to attend the annual Marché Français at our very favourite Australian/French winery Dominique Portet in the renowned Australian wine region – the Yarra Valley. While the market and the […]

Live Happy In Paris

I once had the owner of an extremely reputable Melbourne book store tell me that he felt “uncomfortable selling Ernest Hemingway to women”. This comment came after he’d asked me if the books I was purchasing at the time, both written by Hemingway, were for me.



Why I Love Paris In Winter

  Ok, I know you all understand that I love Paris year round. Seriously, I’d happily visit any day of the week. But it might surprise you to learn that winter is my very favourite season to spend time in Paris.